Dutch oven chicken

A whole domestic chicken, marinated for 24 hours with fresh herbs in salt water that uses rock salt from Okinawa, it is baked together with rosemary and thyme in a Dutch oven Enjoy the taste of a whole roast chicken and the variety of texture of different parts! Another dish for finishing, using roast chicken stock Cheese pasta, using the stock of a whole chicken We serve a cheese pasta, made with the stock of a whole chicken. Finish with Tori-bushi! (a fumigated and dried chicken) *A whole roast chicken is carved and served in front of you.

¥3,500(税別 | excluding tax)


Domestic roast chicken


Choose one flavor among the following; “Original”; domestic chicken marinated with herbs in salt water that uses the rock salt of Okinawa “Spicy”; domestic chicken marinated with 10 spices

QUARTER ¥980(税別 | excluding tax) HALF ¥1,800(税別 | excluding tax)

Craft Sausage

Craft Sausage is boiled in stock before being grilled to keep the sausage skin tight for better texture. We stick to every step, such as grinding and blending ingredients, size, and the way of grilling. Green salad with sauteed mushrooms and bacon Our signature salad, topped with a good amount of mushrooms and bacon sauteed in butter You’ll definitely want it again!

1 piece ¥650 3 piece ¥1,800 5 piece ¥2,800 (税別 | excluding tax)