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🌸Spring Anniversary Event🌸

The three stores, Shinjuku East Exit Store, Kichijoji Store, and Kanda Store , will soon be celebrating their birthdays .

This is an anniversary event that many people look forward to every time.
To celebrate the occasion, each store will be offering limited edition unfiltered beer and food pairings .
Take this opportunity to come and visit YONA YONA BEER WORKS.

◆Kichijoji store 8th anniversary◆

March 18th (Mon) - 24th (Sun) Anniversary date March 24th

[Celebratory beer]
Karuizawa Kogen Beer Craftsaurus Brut IPA Unfiltered

Small ¥820
Regular ¥1,200
Pint ¥1,500
■Beer style: Brut IPA
■ABV: 7%
■IBU: 35
■EBC: 6
■Color: Straw
Using enzymes, the sugars in the wort are completely fermented, resulting in a very dry and crisp flavor , while still retaining the vibrant hop aroma that is unique to IPAs.

Sauteed pork with eight kinds of herbs
¥980 (tax included)

The meat is pounded flat and sautéed in butter with prosciutto and eight kinds of herbs . Serve with a refreshing spring vegetable sauce .
The red lemon added as an accent has a subtle hint of Japanese pepper in its peel , further enriching the aroma.

Kichijoji store original magnet

A gift will be given to the first customers who order unfiltered beer or pairing food !

◆Shinjuku East Exit Store 7th Anniversary◆

March 19th (Tue) - 24th (Sun) Anniversary: ​​March 22nd
[Celebratory beer]
Karuizawa Kogen Beer 2024 Limited Edition Unfiltered

Small ¥820
Regular ¥1,200
Pint ¥1,500
■Beer style: Session Red Ale
■ABV: 4.5%
■IBU: 30
■EBC: 43
■Color: Light orange~Umber
Red ales tend to be malty and rich in flavor, but this beer has a bright color and is light and easy to drink .

Pakuto Meat Pie (March 19-20)
Pairing Point
Mustard mayonnaise and berry flavor, wheaty pie flavor
Smoked scallops (March 21-22)
Pairing Point
The flavor and texture of avocado and bubu arare
Marinated fried salmon (March 23-24)
Pairing Point
Cold, sweet and sour, with the crunch of green peppers

This pairing food was devised by three young staff members representing the Shinjuku East Exit store. Please enjoy it casually as an appetizer.



Get your own drawstring bag at the Shinjuku East Exit store!

During the anniversary period , order unfiltered beer in regular or pint form or follow the Shinjuku East Exit store Instagram
Those who do so can participate in the Chinchiro Challenge!
◆How to challenge◆
Roll two dice once and get a total of 7 (the total of the dice is 7)
If you get it, you get a drawstring bag!
You can take on the challenge with every order of limited edition unfiltered beer !

◆Kanda store 9th anniversary◆

March 24th (Sun) - 31st (Sun) Anniversary March 24th
[Celebratory beer]
Backstreet Dondabada Unfiltered

Small ¥820
Regular ¥1,200
Pint ¥1,500
■Beer style: Free-Style Belgian Golden Ale
■ABV: 6.0%
■EBC: 10 EBC
■Color: Light Gold
The refreshing fruit aroma and light wood aroma are reminiscent of Chardonnay. This is a beer that the brewer truly wants to drink.

Roasted Ezo deer with Hokkaido white wine and new onion sauce
¥1,200 (tax included)
This is a superb dish that makes use of Ezo deer , an ingredient from Chef Onishi 's hometown, Hokkaido !
Enjoy the pairing of game and Dondabada to your heart's content!

¥2,000 OFF coupon only available at Kanda store!

At the Kanda store , the first 500 customers who visit between the 24th and 31st will receive

We are giving away a 2,000 yen discount ticket that can be used until the end of May!

*Prices shown include tax.
*Sales of limited edition beer and food will end once stock runs out.

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