The first store opened in Akasaka Mitsuke in 2013, and the company now operates eight stores, mainly in Tokyo.

Akasaka Mitsuke 1st store

Interior design

Our Akasaka and Kanda stores have a "kitchen" theme with interiors decorated with stainless steel and kitchen utensils, and although we are a craft beer specialty store, you can enjoy the excitement of tasting delicious food.
Our Aoyama, Kichijoji, two stores in Shinjuku, and our Ebisu store are based on the theme of "craft," and we welcome you with designs that evoke the image of hand-made craftsmanship and warmth, evoking the artisans' attention to detail.
Our newest store, Shin-Toradori store, has a warm wooden interior reminiscent of a log cabin and serves food reminiscent of fun camping.