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Reimagining Japanese Beer: Yona Yona Ale

The birth of Yona Yona Ale traces back to the encounter of the founder of YO-HO Brewing with ale beer during his studies in the United States. "Is beer really this flavorful?" His perspective was completely overturned by a single glass he drank at a local beer pub in New York.

During that time in Japan, the prevailing beer on the market was the clean and refreshing lager produced by major breweries. In contrast, American ale beer boasted a rich aroma of malt and hops, offering a depth of flavor that captivated the founder's palate. This experience sparked a sense of mission within the founder to spread the culture of ale beer throughout Japan.

In 1997, YO-HO Brewing embraced the mission of "Adding Flavor to Beer! Bringing Happiness to Life!" and introduced "Yona Yona Ale" as an ale beer meant to be enjoyed easily every evening. Its delectable taste resonated with many, leading to the brand's growth with passionate fans. Alongside Yona Yona Ale, YO-HO Brewing has consistently unveiled a diverse range of unique beers, solidifying its position as a premier craft beer maker in Japan.

YONA YONA BEER WORKS is the official beer restaurant of Japan's No.1 craft brewery, YO-HO Brewing, where you can savor the largest variety of their draft beers, including the renowned Yona Yona Ale.

Roast Chicken and Craft Beer

YO-HO Brewing saw the need to spread the craft beer culture in Japan by creating establishments where people could experience its vibrant atmosphere firsthand. However, while they were experts in brewing delicious beer, they lacked experience in running restaurants.

While searching for a partner to run a restaurant, YO-HO Brewing met Wonder Table, which now operates "YONA YONA BEER WORKS. At the time, Wonder Table was exploring the introduction of their signature "Roast Chicken." Recognizing the potential in pairing roast chicken with craft beer, the collaboration became a reality.

We occasionally provide access to our exclusive brewed beer, 'WORKS ALE,' a unique blend available solely at YONA YONA BEER WORKS
We offer a diverse selection of dishes that complement craft beer, such as roast chicken, original sausages, and menus crafted with farm-fresh produce sourced directly from our contracted farmers.

Crafting a restaurant experience
that embodies the essence of YONA YONA ALE

To bring craft beer to a wider audience, we've made the decision to open 'YONA YONA BEER KITCHEN' in partnership with Wondertable. Our mission is to offer more YOHO Brewing beers on tap than any other establishment, and sharing the world of YONA YONA ALE.

Our vision is to 'energize everyone's tomorrow through exciting beer experiences. The name 'YONA YONA ALE,' proudly displayed in our establishment's name, traces back to 1997, symbolizing our desire for people to relish ale beer throughout the night. We are committed to promoting the enjoyment of ale beer across Japan. As more individuals find joy in beer, we envision a world of greater harmony. With unwavering dedication, we work alongside our patrons to transform these aspirations into reality.

While traditional craft beer spots often serve straightforward dishes, 'YONA YONA BEER KITCHEN' sets itself apart by prioritizing cuisine, as implied by our name. Our menu revolves around roast chicken, serving as the cornerstone of our offerings.

Our flagship dish, the roast chicken, was created to pair with 'YONA YONA ALE' and has since undergone regular updates to refine its flavors. To bring out the richness and texture of the Date Jidori chicken, we marinate it in our homemade brine solution before slow-roasting it to perfection.
The refreshing taste of 'Mizu no Youbi no Neko' is characterized by the use of coriander seeds, which pairs beautifully with the flavor of our original sausage infused with shiso and sansho pepper.

Building a community cherished by fans.

Despite confirming our mission to provide customers with a space where they can unwind and enjoy exceptional food and beer, allowing them to alleviate stress from work, it took us over a year and a half to find the perfect location.

During this time, we were offered the chance to host a pop-up beer garden, which we saw as a promotional opportunity and began operations. Finally, in October 2013, the first 'YONA YONA BEER KITCHEN' opened in Akasaka after much anticipation. While we anticipated weekday crowds of business professionals due to its location, we were prepared for the challenge of attracting weekend customers.

However, passionate fans of YOHO Brewing traveled from all over Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, to visit this restaurant. Some even made the journey five days a week, transferring trains just to be here. We were warmly welcomed as a community hub for fans to gather.

After opening our second store in Kanda and our third store in Aoyama, we decided to rename the restaurant to 'YONA YONA BEER WORKS' to better resonate with foreign visitors. We also focused on elevating the craft experience in our beer, food, and service. Today, we have expanded to seven locations across Tokyo.

YONA YONA BEER WORKS proudly serves fresh and distinctive beers delivered straight from Japan's number one craft brewery, YOHO Brewing