YOHO Brewing holds "Utage" events several times a year, where brewers and fans gather to enjoy the brewery's craft beers together. These events take place at various locations such as campsites, parks, and baseball fields, with the schedule varying each time. Additionally, at stores of YONA YONA BEER WORKS we also organize similar events for private bookings, offering unique products and special serving methods at each gathering. Recently, they've introduced "Online Utage" events as well, allowing for gatherings in a new virtual format.


At YONA YONA BEER WORKS, we've implemented the 'Toreta O/X' self-ordering system. It allows you to complete your entire ordering process, from placing your order to settling the bill, directly on your smartphone. Our self-ordering system is filled with engaging content to make your ordering experience enjoyable. In addition to photos and videos, we provide fascinating stories and unique features about our recommended items. It's an exciting self-ordering experience that will keep you entertained from the moment you access it. Come and discover the fun of ordering, beyond just craft beer and food.
The restaurant issues a QR code upon arrival, which customers can scan using their smartphones.
Customers can enjoy browsing through the appetizing menu on their smartphones, making their ordering experience exciting
You can settle your bill conveniently and smoothly right from your smartphone.
We consistently refine our menu based on customer inputs and ordering data

*Only credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are accepted.

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