Beer-friendly cuisine

The food is beer-friendly, with the concept of "making Japanese beer awesome," and we are particular about dishes that pair well with beer to make meals even more enjoyable. The seasonings are all designed to bring out the aroma and flavor of the beer. We periodically offer limited-time menu items that reflect the season.

The signature dish is roasted Date chicken. Enjoy the tender, chewy texture and juicy meat of Date chicken along with the gentle sweetness of the caramel malt from Yona Yona Ale.

We have a wide variety of craft sausages with different aromas, flavors, and textures, and each one can be paired with a different craft beer. All of our dishes, from appetizers to desserts, are designed to be paired with beer.

Roasted domestic Date chicken

The signature dish from the opening of Yona Yona Beerworks, "Domestic Date Chicken Roast Chicken," has been turned into "Yona Yona Ale." It was created as a dish that goes well with Japanese cuisine, and has been regularly updated to the present day. In order to make the most of the flavor and texture of the Date chicken, we marinate it thoroughly in our homemade Saumur liquid and then slowly marinate it for a long time. Let it bake.

The soft, chewy texture and juicy meat of Date Chicken is enhanced by the caramel malt of "Yona Yona Ale". Enjoy the gentle sweetness that comes with it.


Choose from two flavors: "Original," marinated with Okinawan rock salt and pepper, or "Spicy," marinated with 10 kinds of spices.
QUARTER ¥1,350 (Tax Included)
HALF ¥2,300 (Tax Included)
FULL ¥4,300 (Tax Included)

Craft Sausage

The hearty original sausages were developed as a dish that goes well with craft beer. The sausages are boiled in bouillon before being grilled, which gives the skin a firm texture and makes them incredibly crispy. The sausages are a little different, with careful attention paid to the grinding method, ratio, size, and cooking method of the meat. There are always more than 10 types available, each of which can be enjoyed paired with a beer.
1 piece ¥780, 3 pieces ¥2,200, 5 pieces ¥3,600 (Tax Included)

Other Menu

Fresh pasta: Teppan Neapolitan
Seafood ceviche
Forest Yahoo Salad
Tsukimi Black Ramen
May Queen French Fries Green laver consommé
Mentaiko on top of mac and cheese