Craft Sausages

Craft Sausage Images

These are original sausages developed to go with Yo-Ho Brewing's craft beer. We paid particular attention to everything, including the aroma, flavor, texture, size, and how to eat them. All of our sausages go well with beer, and are unique sausages that bring out the flavor of the ingredients. As the word "craft" means "artisan," our sausages are made with care and love.

Craft Sausage
Five points of emphasis

1. Japan-conscious They use domestic ingredients such as pork and sheep intestines, and offer dishes with a Japanese flavor.
2. Crisp texture We have selected skins that are 2.8~3.2mm thick so that you can easily eat them in one bite while drinking beer. We also use sheep intestines, which give the buns a crispy texture.
3. Exquisite coarse grinding Generally, the size of the ground meat stuffed into sausages varies, but YONA YONA BEER WORKS chooses 8mm coarsely ground meat. The taste of the meat spreads directly in your mouth, leaving an impact. It is an exquisite coarseness that does not remain in your mouth after eating.
4. Overflowing with juices We aim to create the juiciest sausage possible by stuffing as much coarsely ground meat into sheep intestines and sealing in the meat juices.
5. A request for customers to take extra steps When you eat craft sausages at home, please cook them according to the recommended method. Boiling them brings out the crispy texture and juicy meat juices. This extra step will bring out the maximum flavor.