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    Introducing "Cacao Porter," an exotic beer that combines cacao and orange


    The 35th edition of " Works Ale, " a special craft beer available exclusively at Yona Yona Beer Works, is "Cocoa Porter."

    "Cacao Porter" is a cacao beer to enjoy with meals . The cacao used is local cacao from Tumaco in southern Colombia, and is characterized by its soft, exotic aroma.

    Concept: " Good for meals "
    Alcohol was created with the desire to be enjoyed with food!

    Although it is dark in color, it was developed to be light on the palate despite its appearance, and is meant to be enjoyed with the delicious food at Beerworks.
    The combination of cacao and orange, inspired by the French pastry orangette , may seem like it would be difficult to pair with a meal at first glance, but we aimed for an unexpected combination!

    *Available until stock runs out.

    [Pairing Food]
    Pork and Orange Pie

    Like WA#35, it is inspired by orangettes, a chocolate and orange snack.
    Pork belly is simmered in orange juice for about 2 hours until tender, then combined with sweet potato puree and puff pastry.

    The subtle acidity of the orange and the sweetness of the sweet potato go perfectly with the taste of cacao. Try it together with WA#35!

    *Available until stock runs out.

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