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    Cat Day Event Announcement

    Five days to enjoy Wednesday Cat in the most delicious way all year!

    To coincide with Cat Day (February 22nd), we will be holding a pairing fair at all Yona Yona Beer Works stores from the 22nd (Thurs) to the 25th (Sun) only!

    We have prepared a limited number of Wednesday Cats in " unfiltered " form. Enjoy it to your heart's content with our original pairing food!

    If you order a regular pint-sized serving of Wednesday Neko Unfiltered, you can enter a challenge to win a limited edition glass!

    Canned Sardines in Oil Ajillo with Cilantro and Lemon
    The sourness of the lemon brings out the saltiness and umami of the oil sardines, making it a perfect match for Wednesday's Neko Unfiltered Beer!
    Serve on crispy tortillas topped with coriander and ajillo.

    Wednesday Cat Unfiltered

    Small ¥820
    Regular ¥1200
    Pint ¥1500

    It has a scent reminiscent of green apples and a refreshing scent of orange peel. The subtle herbal flavor enhances the fruity flavor, and the refreshing taste gently moistens the throat. It is less bitter than other beers, so it is recommended for those who do not usually drink beer.

    What's more, if you order a regular or pint size Neko Mufilter on Wednesday , you can try your hand at Chinchiro once!

    Roll three dice and if you get a double 2 you'll receive a free Wednesday Cat Glass!

    🎲 manner 🎲

    Three dice will be prepared.

    ・You can roll the dice twice .

    If you roll a two the first time, you can keep it!

    -The second time, roll the remaining dice. If all three dice come up with a 2, you will receive a glass as a gift!

    *Prices include tax. *Limited beer, limited food, and challenge goods are available while supplies last.

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