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Spicy&Garlic × Craft Beer Fair to be held! First installment [Spicy Fair]

We will be holding a limited-time food fair where you can't stop drinking craft beer!
During the event, food will be available that has been carefully selected through a competition between chefs from each restaurant .
The first phase will run from May 10th to June 9th .

"Spicy Fair" is being held!

You can enjoy three exciting dishes using salsa sauce, chili sauce, green chili sauce, etc.
There's no doubt that you won't be able to stop drinking beer!

Spicy&Garlic × Craft Beer

First Spicy Fair

Hot Octopus Carpaccio
Spicy level 🔥🔥
A unique hot carpaccio made with chilled, tender water octopus coated in extremely spicy picante oil.
The homemade salsa sauce and refreshing lime flavor go perfectly with craft beer.

Super spicy shrimp chili
Spicy level 🔥🔥🔥
A stimulating spiciness with homemade chili sauce and a unique blend of spice powders.
A gem for the adventurer seeking spiciness.

Super spicy pork cutlet
Spicy level 🔥🔥
This dish is made with pork meat and crispy dried bread crumbs, and the stimulating green chili sauce gives it a challenging spiciness. It is a delicious dish that perfectly combines spiciness and umami.

"Daimaou" is available at all stores.
If you like spicy food, try this as an accent 🔥

*Prices include tax.

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