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Spicy&Garlic × Craft Beer Fair! Part 2 [Garlic Fair]

A limited-time food fair will be held where you won't be able to stop drinking craft beer!
During the event, food will be available that has been carefully selected through a competition between chefs from each restaurant .
The second round will run from June 10th to June 30th .

"Garlic Fair" will be held!

You can enjoy three dishes that use plenty of garlic .
There's no doubt that you won't be able to stop drinking beer!

Spicy&Garlic × Craft Beer

Second Garlic Fair

Beef skirt steak - garlic and herb -


Beef skirt steak topped with plenty of raw garlic made with a blend of three types of herbs.
The combination of meat and hearty garlic makes this a sophisticated dish recommended for garlic lovers who can drink endless amounts of beer.


Shirohime Garlic Yulin Pork


Made with plenty of chunky boiled garlic and fresh garlic sprouts, this dish brings out the garlic's natural rich flavor and fluffy texture.
This is a dish that allows you to enjoy the rich flavor of garlic.

GEB (Garlic Egg Burger)

¥700 (additional ¥350 each)

Fluffy eggs tossed in garlic sauce, made into an easy-to-eat burger.
Overflowing with the flavors of egg and garlic...bite into it and enjoy.

*Prices include tax.

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