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Nemureru Shishishi Beerworks is now available at all stores!

New beer is here!
...However, the Barley Wine 2024, which was opened on April 4th, has now been produced and released with a unique name!

This is not a limited edition, but will be available all year round.
Because it is a long-term aged beer, you may find that it tastes different from before.

[Sleeping Lion]

180ml 870

■BEER STYLE: Barley Wine
■ABV: 10.0%
■IBU (bitterness level) / EBC (color level) / COLOR

A British barleywine with a hint of hop character.
We aimed to balance the British berry, cocoa, caramel and aged aromas with the noble characteristics of Saaz HOP.

In addition, by keeping the residual sugar lower than usual and drier than usual, we have created a wine that is highly drinkable despite its high alcohol content.


You can purchase "Sleeping Shishishi" canned beer from the Yona Yona Ale official website!

One of the great attractions of Nemureru Shishishi is that you can enjoy the changes in aroma and flavor that occur as the product ages. However, the mechanism of this aging process has not yet been fully elucidated, and there are many unknowns.

This product allows you to experience the profound world of aging by further "home aging" (i.e. further aging) barley wine that has been aged in a tank in your refrigerator at home.

If you are thinking of purchasing the product or would like to know more, please check out the Yona Yona Ale official website Yona Yona no Sato!!✅


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*You must be 20 years old to drink alcohol.

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